Mumbai Saga Movie Review

Mumbai Saga Movie Review

Mumbai Saga Movie Review

STORY: According to true stories, 'Mumbai Saga' is the story of former Amartya Rao gangster, who rose to prominence in Mumbai in the nineties marked by lawlessness, betrayal and gang warfare.

REVIEW: The author, producer and director of the saga of serious action, begins with a ****, as a gang chases a cunning businessman to kill him in broad daylight. He was admitted to Mumbai (then called Bombay) for the first nineties which was run by bhais and bhaus. And the police were - **** in the hands of the highest payer. In these turbulent times, a fatty young man, Amartya Rao (John Abraham), suddenly turns into a vicious beast when his younger brother Arjun (Prateik Babbar) is nearly killed by sticks. So, you embark on Amartya's journey to the vast evil world of the mafia, the corrupt politicians and the bloodthirsty experts - all finally wanting to rule Mumbai.

A very busy screenplay that has everything to hold the character of big tickets, full of all the punches, real and metaphorical. The whole line is a heavy filmy dialogue presented with swag and dramatics to maximize impact. Sample this, "Bandook se nikli goli ne Eid dekhti hai na Holi," and "Marathi ko jo rokega, Marathi usse thokega."

There is a lot that works because it comes from strong and motivating characters, however, they are very numerous. Their conflict is endless and interesting, in particular, because it marks the tumultuous passing of Mumbai, which is a magnificent fact. The first episode is very emotional with John Abraham beating the bad guys and everything else going on. But with the intention of making it a box that commits more crime than life, Gupta also falls into the curse of the second half. Here, some of the things that go wrong, conflicts and problems become very difficult to deal with. However, there is enough action of paisa-vasool, excitement and guns.

John Abraham carried the film on his heavy and capable shoulders, bringing heavy punches. You struggle with a few emotional scenes, but in the end you are able to bring about a non-depressing performance. Emraan Hashmi is amazing as CEO Vijay Savarkar. The actor is in good shape and looks to have had the most fun by playing an expert for a fun reunion. Among the sea of ​​other actors, Suniel Shetty stands out for her special short, yet influential appearance like Sada Anna as well as Mahesh Manjrekar, as the governor of bhau bhau, calling the gun a good pledge. Some players don't add much mussle to the story. Kajal Aggarwal and Anjana Sukhani, the only two women in the proverbial male-dominated proverb. Amar-Mohile's back school is more impressive than the songs.

If you like beautiful gangster dramas full of brawn, blood and characters then the Mumbai Saga 'might be worth watching.

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