Mee Raqsam Movie Review

Mee Raqsam Movie Review

Mee Raqsam Movie Review

STORY: Coming from a long history, 15-year-old Maryam aspires to be a Baratnatyam dancer. Will he be able to follow his dream?

REVIEW: Located in Mijwan village in Azamgarh, ‘Meee Raqsam’ (I Dance) surrounds a young Muslim girl, without a mother Maryam (played by Aditi Subedi), whose desire to study Bararatnatyam creates tensions in her traditional community. However, her father Salim (Danish Husain) stands up in the family and community to allow his daughter to continue her pride. Will the father of my father's daughter be able to overcome prejudice? Will a Muslim girl be allowed to study Baratnatyam?

A skilled tailor, Salim, is probably able to make a living. Still, she always supports Maryam and drives her to continue her love of old dance. On the other hand, Maryam's aunt (Shraddha Kaul) and grandmother (Farrukh Jadfar) strongly believe that a girl's public dance will not only degrade the family but also the community. Apart from Maryam's father, it is only her dance teacher if (Sudeepta Singh), finds her and encourages her.

The movie is the child of first director Baba Azmi. He thought of it and produced it in collaboration with his sister Shabana Azmi. The film honors their late father Kaifi Azmi. It is based on the exciting concept of freedom from all boundaries, religion, and other boundaries that divide people in society. It also emphasizes the tender connection between father and daughter, well illustrated by their daily actions. However, artfully there is not much about a movie that one can glorify beyond its purpose.

Co-written by Safdar Mir and Husain Mir, 'Mee Raqsam' maintains an ongoing tone in the storytelling process. Conversations are powerful and emotional, reflecting the prejudices Maryam went through. An example of this: "Bharatnatyam is the Barat of Nritya, but we have given another girl in the community a chance." While the full account has some ideas about society, it does not have the wrong treatment that would give the desired depth in the structure.

Debutante Aditi Subedi is not impressive enough when it comes to imitation but with the Bharatnatyam mudras, he is just perfect, he is a mirror to be seen. Danish Husain is in top form and reflects on Salim the beauty of a loving father who has the courage to stand up for his daughter. Naseeruddin Shah as a religious leader performed an influential performance. He communicates mainly through his speech and tone. Regardless of their screen time, the supporting characters succeed in leaving the marker.

‘Mee Raqsam’ may not be one of the best movies made in a father and daughter bond but his heart is strong in the right place.

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