Khaali Peeli Movie Review

Khaali Peeli Movie Review

Khaali Peeli Movie Review

STORY: On a disastrous night, the local cabbie Blackie (Ishaan Khattar) stumbles upon this beautiful girl - and with her mouth and hot head - Pooja (Ananya Panday). There are goons involved and apparently there is this history between them, and Pooja, the fugitive, appears to be carrying a ton of money and jewelery. Why is this ‘Aafat’ (with Blackie’s own confession) falling on his thighs after all these years and what is this mayhem about? 'Khaali Peeli' is a one-stop shop with events leading to redemption, reunification and, of course, romance!

REVIEW: Back in the day, in his hometown of Shivpur, when Vijay Chauhan aka Blackie was 10 years old, his Babuji (Anup Soni) was famous for being completely phattu. But, fortunately, her son is born with a mean streak and is also a hard worker. So, perhaps to prove the point to the local people and to themselves, the father and son embarked on a criminal journey that would be destroyed from the beginning, too, thanks to Chahan’s high-profile namby-paby methods. Cut 10 years later, Vijay - now leading Moniker Blackie for his deceptive tactics - continues and settled in Mumbai as a local kaali peeli driver (hence the name, you get it?). But nowadays, the city is full of anger as the taxi association wants a permanent strike until the government meets their demands. Not Blackie yet. He refuses to follow the guidelines and sees it as an opportunity to make money and gives as much as possible to the needy… let's talk about moral immorality! A salwar-clad ticking Pooja time bomb enters, apparently fleeing from dangerous people and carrying a purse full of money and treasures. For her safety, she’s not worried about it but the heavy moolah, she really is. The story of 'Khaali Peeli' goes down the dark corridor of Kamathipura (red district of Mumbai) and you find yourself returning to your hometown - Uttar Pradesh. What happens in a two-day period - with varying lengths of the past and future - is what combines this with the amazing.

Blowing on the back of his collar while lighting a cigarette borrowed in Rajinikathesque fashion, Blackie made an open announcement about his man on camera. He has not compromised on two aspects of his alien life - tashan and 'emosan'. The opening shot is proof enough to speculate that the whole trip is an out march of Bollywood masala flick. And director Maqbool Khan introduced on various accounts. There are creepy giants with creepier names (sample this: Yusuf Chikna!), There is an eternal sacrifice that forms the essence of history, there is an explorer named Tawde and bullets flying around the hero, who, well, run away unharmed! And if we talk about the speed of the film, the first 30 to 40 minutes is full of quirky conversations and has an exciting amount of visual appeal.

However, the stumbling block to ‘Khaali Peeli’ appears to be in Sima Agarwal and Yash’s screenplay: the combination of retrospective elements with the present tense type removes the dynamics of the structure; a few hits and more missed. In an effort to connect the dots and to describe the characters' plots, writers often turn to emotional issues and experimental toys that they feel are dragged along. Also, the chemistry between Ishaan and Ananya is not one of the brightest or most believable things we’ve seen in films in the past (there’s a bad kiss, too). Truth be told, young artists who play at a young age have a better relationship than the two of them.

Judging by his dominance over all frames, one can say that Ishaan has worked hard not only to get into his character’s skin but also to give the nuances well - a complete wrap of ‘Rs’ while speaking a mixed slogan, cocky Walking Mumbai Street in Romeos and basically just a spiritual glow through the performance and sequence of the dance. With peppy numbers 'Duniya Sharma Jaayegi' and 'Tehas Nehas', Ishaan demonstrates the skills of a trained dancer and reminds us of a young Shaid. Even in those Patiala suits and that large concrete nose pierced on the wrong side, Ananya looks everywhere for the splendor she is. But it is almost impossible to imagine his character Pooja living a dark and disturbing life on the unforgiving streets of Kamathipura. The fact that she is putting in the effort is obvious, but in this passage, she has no faith in a girl with a difficult life. Raising the 'H' with a joke about veteran actors Zakir Hussain as a Tawde inspector and Satish Kaushik as a dumbo-in-denial Bhim inspector. Both commentators add a layer of the right spice to the chase that sometimes makes us uneasy. Likewise, to bring strong performance to the gray side of the line by Jaideep Ahlawat as Yusuf Chikna and, to the surprise of everyone, songwriter Swanand Kirkire as a suspended aashique Choksi Seth. Ahlawat finds you with his deadly rays and occasional hair loss. And Kirkire is what he is portrayed to be - a rich, wealthy businessman.

Sure, Vishal-Shekhar's music bothers you but the three songs planted in the movie just exist. The songwriters Rakesh Kumaar and Raj Shekhar have some of the most exciting and moving lyrics in the three tracks they have attached but, as we have said, the songs are nowhere to be found.

In short, ‘Kaali Peeli’ has a slow-mos with a faster back rate than the heartbeat of a young adult and above all, a hot couple leading the show! But it turns out every now and then and you wonder - very sympathetically - why! Then again, if you lose your normal dose of heroes than living on celluloid, 'Khaali Peeli' is your chance - samajla na?

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