Ginny Weds Sunny Movie Review

Ginny Weds Sunny Movie Review

Ginny Weds Sunny Movie Review

STORY: Desperate to get married out of wedlock, Sunny (Vikrant Massey) has been targeted by former actress, out of the league Ginny (Yami Gautam) by her acting mother Shobha aunty (Ayesha Raza). A mother is looking for a seedha saadha, doodh ka dhula jamai with her emotionally unstable, confused daughter. Can a mother plan this unexpected love?

REVIEW: Speaking of planned weddings, the material Seema Taparia known as Netflix's aunt of Netflix's show itself 'Indian Matchmaking' was more fun and enjoyable to watch than all the Punjabi characters included in this puttar-paneer movie.

The story can be expected as many ordinary love jokes and even if you would like to believe it is not, the title happily gives you a ******. Given the genre, one does not expect the mystery of Agatha Christie, as long as the events leading up to the wedding are fun. However, this is not the case either. There is no love or humor in this deceptive romcom. The text lacks depth and fails to evoke emotions. It moves or not (pun intended) like Veere Di Wedding, certainly for better play.

The girl's mother repeats it as a love servant to Sunny, think of Ashok Kumar in the famous Basu Chatterjee statue Chhoti Si Baat. She must help him plead with Ginny. Like Asrani, the third wheel here is Ginny's best friend who turned out - a good friend, Richie Rich's Delhi - Nishant (Suhail Nayyar). The two are bitten by the biggest problem of our glorified generation - confusion. They are confused about their relationship status and Sunny is confused about where she stands in Ginny's life.

Nishant is not committed to Ginny and Ginny is not committed to Sunny. Without knowing where everything is going, he is confused about the point of the movie but Yami Gautam, Vikrant Massey and Ayesha Raza somehow keep you hopeful.

In particular, Yami has repeatedly proven himself to be an honest actor, able to connect with any role he plays. Like a stubborn neighbor girl who prides herself on being emotionally vulnerable, or admits that she can judge people unfairly, Yami works. Vikrant Massey can make his characters look lovely. He does the same here and there but feels like he is out of place and Kartik Aaryan's song and dance scene meets the field of Ayushmann Khurrana's character. A few funny jokes end well in the world. Nishant asks Ginny not to joke about her 'regional feelings' for example when she 'reinforces her style' is funny. But those lines are rare.

Ginny Weds Sunny does not offer an exciting take on planned weddings, nor is it a unique love triangle with twists and turns. The most interesting thing about this movie is the garam samosa mouth watering drink that is given to everyone. Sadly, the film is not Samosa but the diet rejects the confused Chivda, low in salt.

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