Chhalaang Movie Review

Chhalaang Movie Review

Chhalaang Movie Review

STORY: When a young PT teacher faces stiff competition from a new coach, he or she has to pull up his or her socks or risk losing his or her job, self-esteem and the love of his or her life.

REVIEW: Mahinder Singh aka Montu (Rajkummar Rao) is stupid. Since waking up a long time ago the sun has come to roam with his oldest *** - chum Masterji (Saurabh Shukla), Montu has no big purpose in life. He doesn't care much about his job as a PT teacher at his school, he only came because his father (Satish Kaushik) praised him to the principal (Ila Arun). When he does not roam with the Master, he plays a well-mannered police force, imposing an immediate penalty of starving Valentine's Couples. Sometimes such an independent stand, he draws an older couple, thinking they are just fooling themselves. He names them and humiliates them by having their picture published in the local newspaper. But as luck would have it, their daughter Neelima known as Neelu (Nushrratt Bharuccha) ends up in the same school as the new computer teacher. When Montu starts to crush her, Neelu is obviously worried about her. And that's how we start the nafrat pyaar ki pehli seedi kinda situation and anyone who has watched even two Bollywood films will know how that will go. But the real change in the story comes with the entry of new PT coach IM Singh (Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub). Riding in Royal Enflied, Singh is literally the best version of Montu, which can remove poor naukri and chokri from the poor quickly. That’s when our man Montu realized he needed to step up his game or risk losing everything, including his honesty. He announces an all-sporting battle with Singh which also tests his teaching ability. So from this point on, another conflict with the actions of the game ensues.

Ironically, the writers of ‘Chhalaang’ (Luv Ranjan, Aseem Arrora and Zeishan Quadri) have never been seen to take the plight of faith in making it an adrenaline-based sports show. And the movie does not explore the nuances of love. It cools down only with the idea of ​​making a love triangle.

That means there are parts of the second half that spice up the processes. Like all sports films, 'Chhalaang' also has a prep montage song (by Daler Mahendi) with the underworld releasing it on the D day. After that, another sequence that uses practical contexts to teach students self-discipline lessons can be novels and successfully portrayed. However, as we know a little bit of value about young players, it’s hard to focus on them. Instead of successful characters, the focus is on gender equality and the empowerment of women. This happens as a compulsion. Musically, there is no provocative number even if the story requires one. The best track 'Khair ni Karda' comes just before the credits are delivered.

Rajkummar Rao is good as he always plays an uninterested PT teacher, but his action of a boy from a neighboring village is very repetitive. Probably also because news from Indian homes is a very important part of his film. Also, her hard-looking hair looks weird, or she goes down again and ***** at the stadium. Good. Zeeshan Ayyub in his avatar for sports and mustache sports, equals the bill as a competitive sports educator. Ditto, of the beautiful Nushrratt Bharuccha, who seems to be doing better with each passing film. As a progressive teenage girl, the character of Baruccha is a coherent voice of thought. Among them are the highly acclaimed Saurabh Shukla recommended by Ila Arun, Satish Kaushik, and the much-loved Baljinder Kaur. He plays Montu's mother with great loyalty.

All in all, director Hansal Mehta finds the set up right with a lot of detail. But with more belief in assassination and writing, this would have put him out of the park.

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