Borat Subsequent Moviefilm Movie Review

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm Movie Review

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm Movie Review

STORY: Unusual sequence for women in the 2006 comedy 'Butter', this is a bitter insult and a brutal public comment, which gives ************* to political justice, while imposing a strong anti-racial conflict.

REVIEW: The story follows Brat (Sacha Baron Cohen) a Kazakhstani TV journalist sent to America to bribe these powerful men so that they too may find favor. There is a problem when her teenage daughter (terrible Maria Bakalova) smuggles in the United States to be with her father. The film actually tells the story of my father's daughter while highlighting a symbolic cage that women find themselves trapped in today.

There is a reason why this film is so important in 2020. We all want to sound awake on Twitter. Anger and frustration over trivial matters are now popular entertainment. Our sense of self-worth has given rise to an online epidemic called cultural cancellation. It robs us of confidence, as we often fear being ostracized by thoughtful speech. Although bold to preach boldly, deep down we are surrounded by a host of fearsome creatures, who want to be confirmed by random people. He enters the brave mask Sacha Baron Cohen who questions the situation with his shocking ways. His clear methods of getting the point across can be appealing and therefore not for everyone. However, if you can ignore *****, hairless armpits, ***** jokes, you are guaranteed to laugh.

Feapy undoubtedly, this man has a **** funny but most importantly, the spine. His mockumentaries speak the truth in power and make you wonder how we as a society will ever change our thinking. We have made it common for harassment, anti-Semitism, racism, taboos around menstrual blood, unrealistic values ​​of women's beauty and the rejection of women ************. The film features a mirror not only in America but also globally. We are not victimized by human rights abusers.

Ahead of the American election, the comedian wants Americans to be outraged. The jabs of right-wing supporters and Republicans, most notably President Trump, VP Mike ‘fly’ Pence and the exposure of Trump’s attorney general Rudy Giuliani are the jaws of the jaw-dropping jaw. Giuliani's scene is a real horror film used in this film. It shows that the attorney general is wearing his trousers while lying on the bed in front of the actor playing Bator's daughter, who pretends to be a TV reporter in a fake interview. Then they are interrupted by Borat who comes in and says: "You are 15. You are too old for you."

Maria Bakalova is unstoppable and as nervous as Sacha. As the father-daughter of the emotional angle takes precedence, the film loses its smoke and becomes normal. However, it does give you a sense of humor and a sense of humor and a sense of humor. Funny and horizontal but understandable and humorous ... this is not a perfect film for a fun watch but different in determination and courage.

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